Some samples of my design/publishing work, both new and old. Identifying materials for some companies have been redacted for confidentiality. Although I transitioned from pure desktop publishing and design work into creating websites and web-oriented materials as the market evolved, I am still occasionally called upon to do print work. My experience includes both the very first stages of layout roughs, to working with professional print agencies to provide the final product.

Suburban Jungle Comic Cover

Suburban Jungle Comic CoverThe cover for issue six of Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing, one of my comic projects. I love these two doofuses. Click through for full-size.

Lori Raggio Promotional E-mail

Lori Raggio E-mail BlastPromotional e-mail for colleague and friend Lori Raggio, highlighting her leadership training program. I created both the text and the graphic support on this project. Click through for full-size.

Graveyard Greg T-Shirt Design

"The Internet Broke My Brain Again" t-shirt for Graveyard GregT-shirt design for my buddy Graveyard Greg, based on an earlier design I did for him years ago featuring a character from Carpe Diem. Click through for full-size.

Album Liner Notes

Rebels! The Gold Sun of Freedom by Danny DoyleAlbum cover/liner notes I created for Irish folk singer Danny Doyle. I also created the decal for the CD. Click through for full-size.

Fuel Rod Diagram

Nuclear rods technical diagramNuclear fuel rod technical diagram I created for a project while working for a contractor. Click through for full-size.

Marketing Report Cover

Marketing Report CoverOne of many covers I have created for reports and corporate materials while working as a freelance designer. Click through for full-size.

In-House Newsletter

Company NewsletterIn-house newsletter for company communications, created while working in the design department of a contractor. Click through for full-size.


Coffee Stream, Low Battery, Fear of Strangers buttons
Button designs created for “Snerks’n’Quirks,” an Etsy store my wife and I run. Click through for these and other designs.

Arclight Adventures Flyer

Arclight Adventures promo postcardPromotional postcard created to advertise the Arclight Adventures comic. Click through for full-size.

Online Comics

I have been creating and publishing webcomics for over a decade. My current project is Rough Housing — A very loud life of quiet desperation.