Dappled office building, photo copyright 2019 by John R. Robey

Your one-stop shopping source for all your information needs!

Technical Information Center

  • Books, reports, documents, and periodicals available for reference, browsing, or circulation
  • Citation checking: TIC staff will verify your bibliographic citations for correctness and completeness
  • Databases and literature services: we have access to a vast array of online databases offering extremely reliable and current scientific and legislative information
  • User support and one-on-one assistance to teach users how to navigate complex topics

Records Retrieval Services

  • Complete collection of M&O records
  • Records may be retrieved for viewing or printed from microfilm or optical disk

Document Control Services

  • Distribution of controlled and managed documents
  • Cancellation of a controlled document
  • Adding/removing a recipient from distribution
  • Transferring holdings to another individual
  • Requesting uncontrolled/information copies of any current documents
  • We can provide assistance with reconciliation of your documents if you have questions or concerns regarding the current status of your holdings
  • Refer to M&O SAP 6.1 for user procedures

This of us as your “information supermarket,” a single, convenient place to find project-related documents, news, articles, and more!

We’re located on the first floor, suite 1300. For more information, contact General Inquiry, EXT 8942.