John R. Robey | Writer, Artist, & Coach for Creatives

I am a writer and editor who has created company newsletters, training materials, technical documents, and more. I specialize in getting across complex ideas in a clear and engaging voice.

Lori Raggio Promotional E-mail

Lori Raggio E-mail Blast(Read the Sample)
Purpose: Promotional e-mail highlighting leadership training
Target Audience: Mid-career professionals, especially women
Specifications: 215 words, editing, graphic design and layout

Tech Writing/Tutorial: Create a Tic-Tac-Toe Game in Javascript

Tic-Tac-Toe in Javascript Tutorial illustraion(Read the Sample)
Purpose: Teach basic JavaScript skills
Target Audience: Junior high/high school level
Specifications: 2,400 words, some basic illustration

Blog Entry: “Can Do” List

Bringing the Awesome - 'Can Do' List(Read the Sample)
Purpose: Coaching blog audience engagement
Target Audience: Adults or young adults with organizational challenges and/or ADHD
Specifications: ~500 words, header graphic

M&O Information Center Flyer

Dappled office building, photo copyright 2019 by John R. Robey(Read the Sample)
Purpose: Client’s internal office use (identifying materials redacted for sample)
Target Audience: Science and technical professionals
Specifications: ~200 words, header photo

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