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Not counting my own story, The Reclamation Project received over 260,000 words’ worth of submissions.

Dude. Are you kidding me? O.o

I read them all, and loved them all; even the roughest ones of the lot had something awesome about them. But with a wordcount target of 100,000 – 150,000, that meant that at a minimum I would have to say no to 110,000 words written for a world that I spun out of thin air by mashing together some of my favorite tropes.

I gotta tell you, it hasn’t been easy. I still have a double-handful of stories that I just can’t quite decide about, and the clock is ticking. Do all editors go through this?

On the other hand, the stories that I know are definitely in? They are freakin’ amazing. I am proud and astonished to be able to put my name on this book, and I’m ridiculously grateful to FurPlanet for making it possible. Just from my seat in the editor’s chair my own writing has also leveled up from experiencing the different voices and perspectives, and from seeing what worked in each story, what didn’t, and why.

So, yeah, editing is hard. But it’s been way more than worth it.

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