John R. Robey | Writer, Artist, & Coach for Creatives

“You can’t see the back of your own head.”

As writers, we get wrapped up deeply into our own worlds and creations — we have to! But sometimes we dig in so deep that we can’t see the bigger picture of what’s going on around us, and need the help of a seasoned guide. I can help you make a struggling manuscript into something good… or a good manuscript into something great.

Line Editing • $7.50/250 Words

More than proofreading, this may include complete rewrites. I help you make sure you say what you’re trying to say — and don’t say what you aren’t! I edit for clarity, engagement, and economy of words, as well as baseline stuff like stamping out technical problems with syntax and tpyoes typos.

  • Minimum engagement fee: 1,000 words.

Story Doctor — Private Consultation • $149/hr

In-depth consultation on any stage of the writing/editing process, from creating an outline to addressing specific problems with a manuscript. Are your characters flat? Does the plot sag in the middle? What are the real stakes of your story? On the other hand, if you’re really stuck at the starting line, you might also consider my full coaching package.

  • Note: I do not provide document formatting or publishing services, but if that’s something you need I can refer you to some very talented colleagues who specialize in such things.